In 2017, we founded Taiyo with one purpose: to hold our own Japanese classes every Sunday. We then got the opportunity to teach classes in a language school from Monday to Sunday.

In 2022, Taiyo will be five years old. Almost two years into the pandemic and we are still here, fulfilling our original purpose as well as trying new things.

There is a proverb that translates to “Fortune favors the bold.” This now inspires us to work on new ideas based on what we love. We love to imagine, create, and share stories because of our love for manga and anime. Our love for storytelling has motivated us to learn Japanese. Now it motivates us to work on what we aim to become.

For our fifth year, we will begin a new story for Taiyo.

Taiyo has been—and will remain—a work in progress. This belief will remind us to do our best always and will encourage us to take courage. While we are changing gradually, we hope that you will continue supporting us from here on.

We thank you and everyone who became a part of this journey. Only few came up with the idea of establishing Taiyo, but you are part of the many that made it exist.

May we all find the courage to go where our dreams are and share our stories with everyone.

For now, we are Taiyo.